Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor Living Spaces

Bringing the comfort of your home outside

Traditionally, the favorite hangouts in the home have been the kitchen and family room. But today, the backyard is taking over as the favorite gathering space for cooking, entertaining and relaxing. More homeowners are bringing all the comforts of their indoor rooms to the outside by creating multi-purpose outdoor living spaces that function as inviting extensions of their home.

Just like turning a house into a home, Carolina Curb Appeal takes outdoor spaces and constructs, develops, and enhances them, effectively extending your livable space and increasing the value of your home.

An outdoor living space is simply a great, cost-efficient home improvement. What a pleasant way to spend for three out of four seasons enjoying your outdoor living space year after year.

Outdoor Living Spaces mean Outdoor Entertaining

Outdoor kitchens are popular in North Carolina because people love to go outside for organized social events involving food, cool beverages, and the excitement of grilling. Carolina Curb Appeal can build magnificent outdoor kitchens complete with all the latest features using gas or propane for your grill, stainless steel doors and materials like natural stone or brick.

Imagine cooking outdoors in your outdoor kitchen with a flat screen TV nearby so you never miss a minute of your favorite sports team.

Landscape Clayton NC - Hardscape Angel

Landscape Clayton NC – Hardscape Angel

Patio Designer

Carolina Curb Appeal isn’t your ordinary landscaping service. We specialize in all varieties of patio designs and hardscaping. Our team can deliver landscaping and hardscapes that are elaborate in design or are more on the delicate and formal side. We bring polished and professional techniques to your ideas.

Patios are an ideal place where you can sit back and take a break from the rigors of life. It makes sense that Carolina Curb Appeal wants your patio to be a place where your worries melt away as you take in the beauty of your outdoor living space.

Hardscape Installation

Designing is just the first step toward enjoying a breathtaking landscape. We deliver first-rate landscape and hardscape installation, promising you minimal distractions to your daily life.

Outdoor Lighting

Show off the texture and shadows of your landscape or hardscapes with outdoor lighting. We offer an array of landscape lighting to illuminate the nighttime elegance of your property. No matter if you need outdoor lighting for your home or commercial property, Carolina Curb Appeal has the trained staff and is capable of shedding light on the best assets of your property.

Outdoor Fireplace Design and Construction

Outdoor fireplaces add a romantic flair to any property, and certainly add personality to a landscape. Carolina Curb Appeal’s talented designers can create the type of fireplace you have in mind so you can cozy up to that special someone on chilly nights.

Retaining Walls

Whether you want to add an aesthetic quality to your home or have some slopes that need to be held back, Carolina Curb Appeal can create a functional retaining wall to suit your needs as well as the property. With retaining walls available in a variety of designs, we guarantee your property will only flourish from this professional addition.

Creating Luxurious Outdoor Living Spaces

No matter how you want your backyard to look, Carolina Curb Appeal’s professional designers can create the ideal outdoor paradise for your home. We offer a number of outdoor living space designs and can take your idea from concept to completion with our team.

Whether you want an area for complete relaxation or you need special features that will make your backyard the envy of the neighborhood, our landscape designers take into consideration the size of your backyard, the design of your home, and your specific entertaining or relaxing needs.

Your Landscaping Hardscaping Options are many and Carolina Curb Appeal can help you choose the specific outdoor living area design that will meet your needs, raise your property value and make your home the envy of your neighborhood.

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