An Annual Landscape Plan: Get A Jump On Green This Spring

Knock, knock. Spring’s here! In other words, time to get to work on your landscape! But what does that mean exactly? You may think springtime landscaping means watering your grass and replenishing mulch. If so, then it may surprise you to know that the best thing for your property this spring is an annual landscape plan.

Our Recommended Annual Landscape Plan

To help you make the most of your landscape plan, the experts at Carolina Curb Appeal will walk you through our sample landscape guide below.

  • Pre-Emergent Weed Control – Weeds can conquer your lawn before you know it. That’s why annual pre-emergent service is so effective. Pre-emergent weed control stops invasive plant life before it sprouts and grows stronger. With a year-round pre-emergent schedule, you can expect a pure, healthy looking lawn each spring.
  • Fertilization – Each lawn requires different fertilization techniques. Our team will customize your fertilization regimen to ensure seasonal health, continued nutrients and the prolonged lifespan of your grass.
  • Seeding – Any well-rounded landscape plan includes a custom seeding strategy. Of course, each seed variation breeds different results for your lawn. Our experts understand the intricacies of each grass species and can help you select the correct one for your property to thrive. And with 22 years of landscaping experience in the Carolinas, our team knows the local climate behavior like the palms of their hands.
  • Pruning – Early spring is the ideal time to prune your trees because you want to trim your vegetation before new growth starts. If you prune too late, you could stunt that new spring growth for the entire next year. The technicians at Carolina Curb Appeal will help determine the exact time for you to trim and prune your trees and shrubs to ensure safe and healthy growth for the entire year.

Get Started Getting Green!

So make sure you answer the door when spring comes knocking this year. Contact Carolina Curb Appeal to get a jump on green today!