A Perfect Summer Lawn with Irrigation & Drainage Systems

Summer is almost here in North Carolina, and with it comes the summer sun and warm weather we all enjoy. And while your lawn certainly benefits from the rain, a sudden thunderstorm can cause too much and cause damage without proper drainage and irrigation. Without the right system in place, heavy rains can leave standing […]

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Spring Lawn Care Tips for Warm and Cool-Season Grasses

When discussing the majority of grasses found in North America, most species fall into one of two categories: warm-season or cool-season grass. This means that the type of grass flourishes or thrives in a warmer environment – southern states like North Carolina or Arizona – or a cooler environment – northern states like Michigan or […]

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Your Beautiful Summer Lawn Starts Now!

A beautiful, healthy summer lawn doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, preparation for the summer months should begin no later than February to best protect your lawn from invasions of perennial grassy weeds, undesirable turfgrasses, annual grasses and broadleaf weeds that inevitably pop up during the warmer months. Carolina Curb Appeal recommends application of pre-emergent herbicides […]

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Is Our Brush Cutting Service Right For You?

Is there an overgrown area on your property that needs clearing? Is the thought of removing trees, brush, bushes, and weeds by yourself intimidating? That’s where Carolina Curb Appeal’s brush cutting service comes in. Using state of the art machinery and traditional landscaping tools, we can complete residential and commercial brush clearing jobs expertly and […]

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An Annual Landscape Plan: Get A Jump On Green This Spring

Knock, knock. Spring’s here! In other words, time to get to work on your landscape! But what does that mean exactly? You may think springtime landscaping means watering your grass and replenishing mulch. If so, then it may surprise you to know that the best thing for your property this spring is an annual landscape […]

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