Your Beautiful Summer Lawn Starts Now!

A beautiful, healthy summer lawn doesn’t happen overnight.

In fact, preparation for the summer months should begin no later than February to best protect your lawn from invasions of perennial grassy weeds, undesirable turfgrasses, annual grasses and broadleaf weeds that inevitably pop up during the warmer months.

Carolina Curb Appeal recommends application of pre-emergent herbicides and fertilizers in February to adequately protect your lawn before weeds begin to appear.

What Is A Pre-Emergent Herbicide?

A pre-emergent herbicide is meant to be applied before weeds germinate.

How Does Pre-Emergent Herbicide Work?

By forming a chemical barrier that will leave established plants untouched, pre-emergent herbicides prevent weed seeds from germinating early in the season.

Because the effect of the pre-emergent weakens after six to eight weeks, the timing of application must be precise.

Pre-emergents can harm some ornamental plants and turf grasses. Because of that risk, we suggest working with a professional lawn service such as Carolina Curb Appeal for your pre-emergent needs as part of an annual maintenance plan.

Don’t Wait – Get Your Property Looking Fresh Year-Round!

Carolina Curb Appeal’s annual residential landscaping services are the perfect way to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful all year long. Contact Carolina Curb Appeal today to discuss all of your annual residential landscaping and pre-emergent application needs with one of our landscaping experts!