Is Our Brush Cutting Service Right For You?

Is there an overgrown area on your property that needs clearing? Is the thought of removing trees, brush, bushes, and weeds by yourself intimidating? That’s where Carolina Curb Appeal’s brush cutting service comes in.

Using state of the art machinery and traditional landscaping tools, we can complete residential and commercial brush clearing jobs expertly and efficiently. Read on to see if this service might be right for you!


The most common types of commercial projects that Carolina Curb Appeal handles include:

  • Lot clearing for commercial development
  • Right-of-way vegetation clearance for projects such as fence lines, hunting lanes and survey lines


Our residential brush clearing customers typically need us to thin out small trees and underbrush on wooded lots to expand or enhance landscape, to clear property and fence lines, and to clear areas for wildlife conservation as well as pest and insect control.

Clearing dense brush and overgrown areas of land will beautify your property for family, guests, and potential homebuyers!


Carolina Curb Appeal’s brand-new 60″ Diamond Cutter forestry head makes our brush cutting projects safer and more efficient. The skid-steer forestry mulcher can quickly mulch a tree with a diameter of six inches into 2″ pieces of mulch, so that densely-wooded area on your property will be clear in the blink of an eye.


Does your residential or commercial property need brush clearing? Carolina Curb Appeal can help maintain and beautify any area, large or small. Contact Us today to get started!