Why Your Landscape Loves Fall

Why do you love fall? Is it the beautiful leaves? Cool air? Football season? Even if you’re more of a spring & summer type, it’s tough not to admire the beauty of autumn in the Carolinas. Whatever your level of fandom for fall, rest assured that your landscape loves it even more. Here’s why:

  1. There is less sun.

    Believe it or not, your landscape gets tired of the sun. While plants need sunlight to grow, too much can dehydrate them and cause them to die. However, in autumn there is less daylight, which means less rays to harm your plant life.

  1. Not too cool, not too hot.

    Fall temperatures are just right! Although the weather is getting cooler, the soil temperature is still warm enough for roots to grow freely. Furthermore, those roots have enough time to actively grow before the summertime heat returns.

  1. Less leaves.

    In the autumn, tree leaves fall. While it does leave the trees bare, it allows the tree to focus solely on growing its roots. All the way until spring, the tree will build its network of roots. When spring hits, it will then be prepared for top growth, i.e. leaves and blooms. So in this case, less leaves are a good thing!

Take advantage of fall landscaping!

Timing is everything! Contact the landscaping experts at Carolina Curb Appeal today to take advantage of all that fall has to offer your property!