Revive Your Outdoor Living Space With These 3 X Factors

Sunshine, blue skies and fresh air; you just have to love springtime in North Carolina. However, for many homeowners, the much-needed sunlight only emphasizes that lifeless, bland outdoor living space that has yet to recover from winter.

Luckily, winter is no match for the experts at Carolina Curb Appeal! Below, we’ve divided your outdoor space into three essential categories and explained how to maximize each niche! Ready for the most beautiful, envied space of the summer? Keep reading to learn how:


fireplaceOne of our favorite accents to any outdoor space is the element of fire. Whether we’re inserting a custom-built fireplace or installing a unique fire pit into your patio area, the mere presence of of fire infuses energy into the space and inspires congregation. It also keeps things cozy in the colder months – transforming your outdoor area from a seasonal indulgence to a year-round space.


waterWe also offer a variety of outdoor water features, including wall fountains, tiered fountains, waterfalls, cascades, streams etc. Think of all the possibilities! These installations can bring your outdoor area to life by providing a calm, natural sense of movement. Water inserts also allow homeowners to express their landscaping creativity with plant life, hardscape and other personal accents.


IMG_1125-300x225If you seek an outdoor space that stands out from the rest, a custom hardscape is the ticket! Our hardscape services include patios, retaining walls, walkways and more! A well-planned hardscape is immediately noticeable to visitors and adds character to any outdoor living area. Choose from rock, brick, or flagstone options for your outdoor space!


The most balanced, creative and memorable outdoor living areas excel in each of these categories. Fire brings energy, water soothes your space and a beautiful hardscape infuses your property with character. The experts at Carolina Curb Appeal can help you find this balance and achieve the outdoor space you’ve always wanted. Contact us today to get started!