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Winter Landscape Pro Tips

The winter months may not seem like the best time to work in your yard, but right now is when you should prepare your lawn and landscaping for snow and ice storms and the coming growing season. Follow these pro tips and see what a difference it makes this spring.

Trim and Prune

Winter is the optimal time to cut back overgrown shrubs, prune perennial hedges, remove damaged tree branches, and trim ornamental grasses. Shrubs and hedges will leaf out more quickly in the spring if you do hard pruning this time of year. Tree branches damaged by winter weather like ice storms are more prone to insect and disease infestations, but proper care can help trees repair themselves. Use of a pruning saw is recommended. To help prevent damage to trees from heavy snow in the winter, brush snow from weighted down branches instead of shaking.

Clean Up and Protect

It is extremely important not to leave debris and leaves on your lawn over the winter. Doing so can smother the grass, create disease conditions, and invite insects, mice, and other damaging pests. After cutting your grass a final time in the fall, clear your lawn thoroughly with a blower. Piling snow on grass for long periods of time can also damage it, and snow piles may starve nearby plants of oxygen. Prompt removal of snow from sensitive growing areas like flower beds is also recommended. Adding mulch around trees, plants and shrubs can also add extra protection in winter. Mulching controls erosion and loss of water. A 2—inch layer of mulch will reduce water loss and help maintain uniform soil temperature around roots.

Equipment and Tool Care

Taking care of servicing or replacing your outdoor landscape tools and equipment in the offseason gets you ready to go in the spring. Your local service dealers will also be less busy during this time, eliminating some of the wait for service when you need it fast next spring. Having your lawn mower blades sharpened, changing air filters and spark plugs on other equipment, and storing your equipment properly is all a good idea during winter. Also never leave your tools outside and exposed to the weather, especially in the winter.

Protecting your investment in plants and landscaping during the winter can be a lot of work so let the experts tackle it for you during the cold weather. Contact Us today for a free estimate!